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Short Speech

 “ cleanliness of school environment”

Good morning  and hope God bless you all.

Honorable to my teacher and friends that I love
assalamualaikum wr.wb

     First of all, let us praise and thanksgiving to God Allah SWT, who has given us health so that we can gather in this happy place. On this occasion I also want to thank you for  the opportunity to stand here to deliver my speech about “cleanliness for  school environment”.
    Ladies and gentlemen,
My friends  we need to realize that the environment is a livelihood for us all, human beings. So we should keep our environment good for the earth to generate profits for us, not even a catastrophic loss for us. One way that the environment does not provide disaster for us is to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.
     In keeping the environment then we must know in advance what the environment clean. Meaning the real environmental cleanliness is a situation where the environment is feasible to live in humans, in which the physical state of human health can be maintained .. So we have to keep the environment in order to create a viable and prosperous life.
    Ladies and gentlemen,
     As humans we have already started to maintain the cleanliness of the environment around us. this custom should have started in applied in school. moreover with us keeping the environment clean school, the activities on school will be healthier and comfortable. because to continue to maintain the cleanliness of our school is not will be no more smelly garbage and debris that can disturb the comfort the activities of garbage that accumulates. It also can cause a variety of diseases, because the waste contains a lot of bacteria.
      Actually there are many ways to maintain the cleanliness of the school environment. The first one is always dispose of plastic or food wrappers in the trash, so it will not trash strewn everywhere. And then always make picket duty schedule for cleaning the classroom, because by making picket schedule, every day of class will be neat and clean. and 30 minutes every Friday in order to clear the school of nests Ades aegypti mosquitoes that cause disease dengue fever.
      Actual awareness of keeping the environment clean is in ourselves, if we want to try for sure we can keep the environment around kita.Karena if not we are protecting the environment, who else?
     Ladies and gentlemen,
so that I can say. and we can conclude that there are many reasons why we should keep?  include:
1.      By keeping our environment clean will be protected from various diseases.
2.      Environment is more comfortable because it does not look rubbish strewn.
3.      hygiene is the base health because air is clean without pollution will greatly affect health.
4.      If the environment is clean, automatic learning process will be peaceful and quiet
     In closing I quote a saying that cleanliness is part of faith, if someone does not care about cleanliness then it actually is not a full believer. In the future, I also hope that we as human beings can be even harder to maintain a healthy environment and I want to invite all my friends to go hand in hand maintaining a school environment that we love to be a means of learning conducive and comfortable with the begin of cleanliness ....
I apologize if there is one word, tha
nk you for your attention.
wassalamualaikum wr.wb 

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